Saturday, January 19, 2008

An icey Sunday morning run

***ETA: Thanks to Lor for pointing out that today is in fact Saturday and not Sunday. But I'm not going to change the title... just goes to show ya that running can make you stupid. Hehe.***

I was actually looking forward to my run this morning. It was still dark out, much colder (and windier!) than I expected and SNOWING, but I still felt good. Bundled up, headed out....and fell flat on my face on the driveway. It was glare ice covered in snow. We apprently had some wicked flash freezing yesterday and the roads and sidewalks were complete ice. If I wasn't meeting Michelle, I definitely would have gone straight back in the house! But I got up, burshed myself off, and headed to here house. We set off and had a nice run through quiet streets (the benefits of heading out at 7AM) and took a peaceful detour through Fairy Lake. We were slipping all over (I really need some Yaktrax) but managed to keep our footing...for the most part. Michelle took a tumble at one point, but she was okay.

I definitely noticed that I was low on energy and we ran much more slowly than last week even though the distance was the same (16K). Our average came in at about 6:45/KM. But the important thing is, we went out and did it.

And have I mentioned that I get to sleep in tomorrow? ;)


Lor said...

Ha, you must've hit your head pretty hard. It's SATURDAY! :P

Christy said...

Good for you for getting out in the cold! I chickened out this morning and stayed it bed :)