Sunday, January 13, 2008

What's another 9KM?

I have officially been talked into running the 30K Around the Bay in Hamilton on March 30th. If I can run 21, I should be able to run 30...right? After the Chilly Half on March 2nd I will continue training with my instructor and another girl in the group who are also running it (and hubby, of course). It's going to be intense, but I am really looking forward to it.

A little about the event:

Hamilton's Around the Bay Road Race is the oldest on the continent, first run in 1894, three years before the Boston Marathon. Rich in tradition, it has been won by the best from around the world, including Boston Marathon winners and Olympic gold medallists. Become part of the continuing tradition by running this challenging course around Hamilton's natural harbour!

The first 20k of the Around the Bay Road Race is an exciting, scenic, and fast route. The last 10k includes rolling hills through scenic North Shore Blvd.

So there you have it. Thirty kilometres... have I completely lost my marbles?! Depending on how this goes, I may be ready for a full marathon sooner than I thought, but I am not committing to anything just yet. ;)

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Zorbs said...

I am running the 5K, since this race is local for me!