Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday Accountability...on a Tuesday

Last week:

Monday: rest! / check!
Tuesday: 6K with clinic / we ran 8
Wednesday: 11K with clinic including 8 hills! / check
Thursday: gym (X-train) / fell down the stairs after physio and my butt hurt too much!
Friday: 5K / as above
Saturday: rest / as above... but I packed and cleaned all day!
Sunday: 12K LSD with clinic / check!
Total: planned 34... completed 31, not bad for an injury. ;)

This week...

Monday: X-train (elliptical) / done!
Tuesday: 7K with clinic
Wednesday: 12K with 9 hills! Eek!
Thursday: MOVING DAY!
Friday: rest (i.e. unpacking!)
Saturday: as above...
Sunday: LSD 18K
Total: 37K

Let's get this party started.

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Anonymous said...

Go Marlene!

- Dean