Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 7

Monday - rest or xtrain

Does dancing and singing and screaming all night at the Bon Jovi concert count?

Tuesday - 23K medium-long (2 runs) with 2 x 3200 tempo intervals


noon: 11.1KM (6.9mi) - 55:57 - 5:02/KM (8:07/mi)
(2 x 2 miles at average 14:49 - 4:38/KM pace)

eve: 12.0KM (7.5mi) - 1:08:48 - 5:44/KM (9:14/mi)

Wednesday - 10K recovery

I had plans to meet up with Juliana after work to run, and then another friend would be joining us for dinner. We had a nice run on a mild evening (one layer! no gloves!) and it was the perfect way to catch up over some recovery miles and healthy grub courtesy of J. Nevermind the 2 rice krispie squares that I ate after dinner.

10.0KM (6.2mi) - 59:53 - 5:59/KM (9:38/mi)

Thursday - 13K with 8K tempo

The group was doing a tempo/LT run as well, which worked great so I would have some company. After a warm-up run over to the park paths, I lined up with my pace group and we briefly discussed pacing and the turn-around point, then off we went! The target was 4:50/KM (7:46/mi) for 8K (5mi) continuous.

It was a really mild day and it felt so good to wear just capris and a long sleeve shirt, although this meant that the path was covered in puddles. We leaped over and wove around them at first, but it wasn't long before I gave up on trying to avoid the puddles and just splashed right through.

4:42 - staying with the group, trying to find the pace and settle in
4:50 - I felt really comfortable here and knew it was going to be a good run
4:49 - included a steep climb, which I expected to slow me down a lot more
4:44 - I realized at the turn-around that I had pulled away from most of my group
4:43 - one person was slightly ahead and I decided to chase her down
4:35 - and then I passed her!
4:35 - feeling fantastic and continuing to push that "hard but manageable" pace
4:20 - faster than 5K pace and feeling amazing!

average pace for 8K tempo: 4:40/KM (7:30/mi)

15.0KM(9.3mi) - 1:17:24 - 5:09/KM (8:17/mi)

Friday - rest

I re-worked this week to have Friday off since I moved my long run to Saturday and had a hard run Thursday night.

Saturday - 32K long
Well I'm glad THAT'S done.

30K (18.6mi) - 2:55:49 - 5:52/KM (9:26/mi) 


Initially I didn't have a plan for Sunday after doing my long run on Saturday, but I knew I would want to wrap up my mileage for the week. I decided to go to the gym because I wasn't in the mood to bundle up again (it wasn't snowy or windy, but it was still really cold) and just plugged away on the treadmill. My hips had been killing me after slipping and sliding around the day before, but I felt fine once I got going.

7.0KM (4.4mi) - 39:56 - 5:42/KM (9:10/mi)

Total Weekly Mileage: 85.1KM (52.8mi)
Total time: 7:57:47
Average pace: 5:37/KM (9:02/mi)
12 weeks to Mississauga Marathon!


Running Ricig said...

I'm pretty sure Bon Jovi dancing counts :) Even if you weren't dancing, he'll get your heart pounding.

Still Running said...

Wow. Maybe I could do 1km as fast as those you did on Thursday, as long as I was going downhill with the wind.

Nicole said...

Running Machiene!! Keep it up mrs awesome! <3 xoxo

Emily said...

your mileage is super impressive! And yes, dancing ALWAYS counts as quality cardio.

Aron said...

NICE job on another very strong and solid week! Keep them coming! :)

Gotta Run..... said...

If the dancing did not burn extra calories I am sure the screaming did :)

J said...

Awesome job on that tempo speedy!! I love the commentary! Those recovery runs are the best!! I never knew what I was missing!

Jess said...

Concert-going ALWAYS counts as x-training.

H Love said...

52 miles!!! nice job!

Teamarcia said...

Yet another rock solid week!
And yes, concert dancing always counts!

Unknown said...

Hells yeah, Bon Jovi counts!

Congrats on another awesome week.

Winks & Smiles,

MCM Mama said...

You are rocking this training! So impressive!

ajh said...

Is it as cold there as it has been around here? I am so ready for warmer weather!

You always rock your workouts!

Cory Reese said...

52 miles?!?! Very awesome!

Amy said...

I've been out of the loop this week, but I'm glad to see you are still on track to rock that Mississauga Marathon!

And Bon Jovi?! Jealous!

Anonymous said...

Yes dancing and singing totally count in my book! :)

Char said...

Holy cow! Another big week! Do you ever get tired?

Lindsay said...

Mkay fine don't accept my first comment! See if I care!!

Awesome tempo run. You should know I was running 7:45's when I trained/ran my BQ... just sayin' (guess I'll be running the UnBoston by myself)

Felice Devine said...

Great week!
Screaming and dancing at BJ? Absolutely counts!