Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is in the air

But I don't think Mother Nature got the memo. It's -6C/21F here this morning, going up to a sweltering 1C/34F this afternoon. At least it's sunny!

Nonetheless, today is the Hooray Spring Six Miler, although I have decided at the last minute to drop down to the 6K distance. I'm experiencing some serious DOMS from my HOT class on Tuesday and I'm doing my long run tomorrow, so I should probably take it easy on the legs today.

I've offered to set up a water station for my marathon group's long run on Sunday morning, hence switching my long run to Saturday. I thought it would be a good way to give back a little and stay involved.

As planned, I ran with the group on Wednesday evening (10.08K=6.26mi, 1:01:01). I struggled a little toward the end (10K is still a pretty long distance for me at this point), but enjoyed the run.

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes for Mom yesterday. We had dinner out with the family followed by cake and ice cream at my place. The cake was a hit and my sister has requested the same one for her Birthday this Sunday. :) Looks like I'll be doing some more baking this weekend.

Happy Friday and Happy Spring to everyone! I'll be back soon with my race report.


Mel-2nd Chances said...

so glad spring is finally here... Wow, your marathon group sounds well organized! have a great weekend :D

Mark said...

No more gripping from me about temps! We've got 50's down here. Have a good race!

Judi said...

thanks for your comments over on my blog, and thanks for reading.

my last years marathon time is the same as yours. :)

littlesack said...

gluck at the race. Thanks for the comment on the fuel belt- that was my main concern. that the damn thing would be annoying me all day-sliding up and down my hips. i feel like they are built for men- who dont have hips and thinner waists to worry about. I need to find a way to fit two smaller reservoir packs into my camelbak.

Ali said...

It looks really nice outside, thru the window inside my warm office.

But it's only 1 degree out ... brrrrr

I think the weekend is going to be warmer.

Denise said...

I'm so ready for it to feel like Spring. It was freezing for my run yesterday. I'm done with this!

Brian said...

Spring by name, yes. By temperature, helll no, not yet, ugh!

Lindsay said...

uck! spring needs to get with the program!! glad it was at least sunny :) hope you had a great weekend running and in general!