Friday, August 05, 2011

Q&A: the rest of it...

ICYMI: I answered all of your training and racing questions here. Now here's some fun stuff...

Laura asked: "What is your engagement story?"

We actually got engaged first when I was 16 and hubs was 17. He gave me a tiny gold ring and we promised to get married one day. This, of course, was a "secret engagement." I'm sure nobody would have taken us seriously at the time, but here we are 13 years later and married for 6 years.

Our "official" engagement came about 5 years later. We were up north at a cottage for a weekend with my FIL, who was hoping to catch the moment on film. Hubs, however, wanted to keep it private and took me down to the lake when FIL wasn't looking. It was a simple but sweet moment and we celebrated afterwards with FIL... and his video camera.


"What is your favorite restaurant?"

Cachet Restaurant - it's a quiet local place with great food and drinks. It's located right alongside our regular running paths, so we are  constantly teased by the smells and sounds of a casual summer evening on the patio while we're sweating it out. Hmmm, I think it's time for a date night...


What is your favorite....perfume?

I don't wear perfume... ever. I like fruity and tropical-smelling body sprays sometimes.

Johann's son Rohann asked: "What is your favorite color?"



"What is your favorite animal?"

I have always had a thing for beluga whales and would love to see them in the while one day.

Lish asked: "What would your DREAM vacation be?"

I would like to go on Lindsay's honeymoon. Lindsay and Josh can even come if they want to show us the ropes. But we'll need separate bunks.

Caroline asked: "you are Canadian...parlez vous francais? a little?"

Bien sur! I studied french all through high school and first year university, and also spent one summer at a french college in Québec - but without practicing for the last 10 years, I am very rusty!


"who would you like to meet?"

I feel like I should choose an athlete or a writer or even a politician, but my first thought was: Jon Bon Jovi. He can serenade me.


"favorite Canadian singer or band? please dont say it's Bieber..I will not recover..."

Blue Rodeo, Our Lady Peace, Shania Twain, Bryan Adams - I can't choose!


"Where did you go to College?"

I went to York University.

Amy asked: "If your present day self could travel back in time and have a chat with your high school self, what would you say?"

I would tell myself to take my health seriously. I won't go into details, but I had some very bad habits.

Teamarcia asked: "What was your major in school and are you doing something related to that now?"

I was an English Major and planned to attend Teacher's College subsequently, but that didn't end up happening. I regret that every summer. ;) While I am not specifically in a field related to that, I believe believe it is an area that is useful in most (if not all) jobs as well as every day life.

Alanna: asked: Spud (4) loves your "Neminemy" costume picture and laughs every time he sees it. He wants to know what flavours you and your friend were. :) [thank you for spelling flavours correctly ;)]

I was plain (red) and my friend was peanut (blue)! Peanut butter are actually my favourite. ;)

Lindsay asked: "When are you going to have babies? Do you even want babies?"

I don't know and... I don't know. We're planning to get a fur baby next year... does that count?


"Where did you go to college? What did you major in?" - answered above, so if you skimmed to find the answers to YOUR questions, you'll have to scroll up. :)


"Did you have a crush on any of your professors?"



"How did you and Maurk meet?"

We met in high school. He has just moved here from England with his family. We were in the same math class and I thought he had the cutest accent. I managed to work my way into his circle of friends through a mutual friend and eventually convinced him that I was a catch... but dating one of his friends. Heh.


"Why don't you learn to spell correctly and quit putting U's before R's?"

say that 5 times fast 


"How many blogs do you follow/have in your google reader?"



"When are you coming to visit the beautifully humid state of South Carolina?"

Soon, I hope, but it will have to be winter!

Ken: "Okay, is it true that you only get two hours of daylight up there in the winter???"

I thought that was Alaska?       


Nicole asked: "Whats your Favorite COLOR??? :)" - answered above!


"Are you an only child?"

I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all younger!


"Where is the coolest place you've been?"

London, England, mostly because I won the trip and took my Mom - first trip overseas for both of us!

Deb asked: "What is your most embarrassing childhood experience?"

I can remember being teased endlessly for being overweight; no specific instance stands out in my mind, but this is definitely what I was most embarrassed by.

Kristen asked: "If you could live anywhere else, where would it be and why?"

I think Vancouver - no extreme winter weather and no extreme summer weather! Plus, it looks beautiful!

Julie D asked: what is the next thing on your 'bucket' list?...running and non-running related?

Running: BOSTON
Non-running: to swim in the Marmora Mine - this is on the way to the place we camp every summer.

no you aren't supposed to swim there

Emz asked: "What blogger would you most like to meet in person?"

No way can I choose! I want to meet all of you. For now I'm looking forward to meeting lots this November in Philly!

Tall Mom asked: "My question is when do you plan to come to the West Coast again?"

I'm going to California in March - does that count??

Tricia asked: "do you pluck your eyebrows,wax or thread? They look great!"

LOL, thanks! I have them waxed every 3 weeks and pluck in between. 

Thanks everyone for all the questions! 
Now pick one and answer it yourself. :)


Caroline said...

I love Blue Rodeo!!!! and Bryan Adams...that is MY favorite! I saw him a few times..last time here in LA acoustic just him no good.

Bon Jovi...yeah he can senerate me also...!

what college in Quebec?

Richelle said...

Oooh... I like Our Lady Peace too! I got into them when I was in college!

Jason said...

Here is the question I would answer:
"How did you and Maurk meet?

We haven't actually met yet but his wife is one of the bloggers I would most like to meet, but only if we met in Boulder, Colorado because that is the one place I would love to live.

How's that?

Char said...

I totally support your right to put a U in front of an R whenever you feel the urge. I will not bastardize the Queen's English for convenience and 17 years of education are just too many to unlearn.

Laura said...

These Q&A'a are awesome!
I am hoping to meet at least someone at the Midnight Summer's Run in a few weeks!

ajh said...

First can I say I love your secret engagement story.

Second I am amazed at the questions some people ask. You are pretty good at being evasive.

Anonymous said...

Secret engagement?! Best fun-fact to know about you, ever. And the Hubs is from England?! You two are adorable.

I love how many trips to the States you already have planned! Country-trotter. ;)

kristen said...

That old picture of you two is adorable!

As you know, I completely support extra "u"s as well as extra "l"s in words like "labelling" and even extra "a"s in words like paediatric. I draw the line at the extra "o" in "oesophagus" though. That's just going too far.

As for a question I'll answer:
One thing on my bucket list is to be on the side of the road yelling, ringing the cowbell and making a fool of myself on one of the mountain stages of the Tour de France. We're hoping to get that done in the next few years!

misszippy said...

I saw Blue Rodeo ions ago at a really tiny venue in Detroit (of all places!). I was there for work and had a really cool boss who was into music so we headed on over and watched them.

Fur babies are a good place to start. That's how we did it!

And--Provided I stay healthy, I'm contemplating a little Phila action myself (1/2 or 8k) will keep you posted. It would be a blast to meet so many and it's only 2 hours from here!

Lindsay said...

umm. thanks a lot for not taking the time to answer my questions. whoure.

come down any time. before babies.

Jess said...

I'm always amazed by couples who met in HS and are still together and married. I have two sets of friends who met in HS, and it baffle me than we are all in our early 30s and they've been together for half their lives already!

Cory Reese said...

Do I pluck my eyebrows? Nope. Which explains why it looks like I have caterpillars on my face.

ihaverun said...

You got some great questions!

And pink is my favorite too. But I think everyone can tell that from my blog.

And I'm afraid to wax. Does it hurt?

Aysha said...

When are you going to come run the Vancouver International Marathon? It is the most amazing place to live (although I'm biased because it's my home :)). I've done a lot of travelling though so it's not totally biased ...

Tricia said...

ok, my question totally sounded silly :) But I have a strange eyebrow obsession (probably since mine are so un-ruly hehe) so I notice when people have nice ones.

Nicole said...

:) i love these posts!

Kerrie said...

I can't believe you didn't list Robin Sparkles. Sad face.

PS: Maybe I need to plan a trip to my home state in March. Where are you going?

Robin said...

Love your engagement story, that's awesome. Also love Cache, it's one of my favourite restaurants as well.

ashley said...

aww me and my hubs are high school sweethearts too

Runners Fuel said...

I live in Cali. What part are you visting in March?

MCM Mama said...

LOVE! your engagement story. And I can't wait to meet you guys in Philly in November.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

What a great post.. I love Baluga whales too.. California...hmmm that is close but not close enough.. Guess I have to come to you!!