Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 11

Monday - run + ride

I normally wouldn't run on Mondays but had completed my long run on Saturday over the weekend, so I headed out over lunch for an easy 7.
7.0KM (4.3mi) - 41:37 - 5:56/KM (9:37/mi)

That night hubs and I met up with a group of friends for a nice ride on the flats. We ended up going a bit farther than planned, but it was fun!

39.5KM (24.5mi) - 1:33:08 - 25.4 kph (15.8 mph)

Tuesday - run (x2) + swim

When Juliana and I met at 5am, we quickly agreed that an easy run was about all we were willing to tackle. I wasn't really feeling my run mojo and my legs were pretty tired from Monday's ride. It was nice to get some miles in early. Over lunch I wrapped up the rest of my medium-long mileage for the day with an impromptu progression run.

AM: 16.6KM (10.3mi) - 1:39:09 - 5:58/KM (9:36/mi)

Noon: 6.0KM (3.7mi) - 31:40 - 5:16/KM (8:28/mi)

descending splits - 5:37 - 5:29 - 5:20 - 5:13 - 5:07 - 4:47

Before & After

After work we went to the lake for a swim!

1030m - 24:22

Wednesday - ride + run + ride + swim


AM ride - 36.0KM (22.4mi) - 1:25:02 - 25.4 kph (15.8 mph)

run - 5.0KM (3.1mi) - 24:42 - 4:56/KM (7:56/mi)

PM ride - 21.2KM (13.2mi) - 47:03 - 27.0 kph (16.8 mph)

swim - 1000m - 20:52

Thursday - run

Thursday night was clinic and we had 3 x 3000 on the schedule at descending paces from about MRP (marathon race pace) down to tempo. It actually went great! Felt good to finish a speed workout strong.

15.0KM (9.2mi) - 1:19:11 - 5:16/KM (8:28/mi)

3 x 3000:  4:55/KM (7:54/mi), 4:46/KM (7:41/mi), 4:39/KM (7:29/mi)

Friday - run + swim

I got to sleep in a bit on Friday before heading out for a recover run, because I had a 9am physio appointment before work. Legs were pretty dead to start but gradually woke up, as usual.

10.0KM (6.2mi) - 59:23 - 5:56/KM  (9:32/mi)

Hubs and I had originally planned to hit the pool that night, but decided to scrap it for a lazy night in instead. No guilt!

30.0 29.5KM (18.3mi) - 2:33:10 - 5:11/KM (8:21/mi)

Race report to follow!!

Sunday - swim + bike

After a lazy morning, we headed to our favourite swimming hole for our longest swim to-date! Love it.

it's usually not so calm

1550m - 33:37

In the afternoon we had 4 friends over for a bike ride followed by burgers. We cut the ride a bit shorter than planned since we got caught in a downpour half way through. We were soaked to the bone, but it was kinda fun.

31.7KM (19.7mi) - 1:21:15 - 23.0kph (14.3mph)


Total Run Distance: 89.6 KM (55.7 mi)
Total Run Time: 8:08:52
Average Run Pace: 5:27/KM (8:46/mi)

Total Bike Distance: 128.4 KM (79.8 mi)
Total Bike Time: 5:06:28
Average Bike Speed: 25.1 kph (15.6 mph)

Total Swim Distance: 3580m
Total Swim Time: 1:18:51

Total Training Time: 14:34:11 


Unknown said...

nice training week, but I'm really looking forward to your race report. :-)

Teamarcia said...

I've completely forgotten what I was going to say now that I've seen your costume! Fabulous!!

Jason said...

Love the costume. Just perfect. The princess wearing the 80's leg warmers....awesome.

And BTW lady a 14.5 hour training week is something to be proud of but more importantly puts you in line to do a FULL IM VERY SOON! That is impressive.

Anonymous said...

Great job with your training! Can you bottle up some of your energy and send it my way?

Anonymous said...

What a week!! I'm so proud of you Marlene! You really are racking in the miles, everywhere!! And I'm LOVING your race outfit. Can't wait to hear the race recap. Looked like such a fun one!!

Laura said...

Totally agree with Jason...IM here you come....

A Prelude To... said...

Your costume was FANTASTIC!!

Runners Fuel said...

great week! Love the race outfit!

Jill said...

Totally loving that race outfit, can't wait to hear about it!! You're rocking the week, as love love to see those numbers from you! :)

Denise said...

so jealous you have a lake to swim in whenever you want. that will serve you so well when you do the tri.

and cute outfit, so bright and cheery. can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

great training week and great race! it was good to run into you! loooved your skirt!

Unknown said...

Superstar! LOVE the race photo. You're so damn cute! Can't wait to read the report.

Winks & Smiles,

Heather said...

Love the race costume! Way to nab another awesome training week. :)

Molly said...

wow, what a week! LOVE the costume : )

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Great week of workouts--but the costumes steals the show in this post!

Nicole said...

NICE week gf! your amazing!

Richelle said...

I LOVE your costume! So festive! And again, what a great week in the books!