Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Accountability

Last week:

Monday: New Year's rest
Tuesday: New Year's rest
Wednesday: 9K with 5 hills
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest AGAIN! oy vey
Saturday: 5K + gym
Sunday: 14K LSD

Yesterday's LSD went really well. I was nervous because I missed last week and cut the previous week short (due to misderable rainy weather) so my last full LSD had been 11K three weeks ago. The route took us through some country roads with rolling hills. One hill was a >30 metre climb! Some of the hills were tough but what goes up must come down (usually) so I was able to recover on the declines. It was quiet and peaceful with almost no traffic and I completed the run in just under 90 minutes with a smile on my face.

So I only went out three times for th e week, but I had two quality runs and my tush is still hurtin' this morning, so I don't feel bad at all. Pretty good start to the new year.

I am looking forward to all the races lined up for 2008, starting with the Chilly Half in less than two months. I was warned by someone in my clinic not to count on a PB (personal best) at the Chilly but wouldn't say why, so I'm not exactly sure what to expect but we'll see how it goes.

Last week we registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, our 'signature' race. It will always be near and dear to our hearts as our first. We also booked a hotel for the night before so we can have a relaxing evening the night before and won't have to drive in to the city at 5:00 AM.

On to accountability for this week. The plan is as follows:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5 or 6 KM with clinic
Wednesday: 9+KM with 6 hills
Thursday: gym
Friday: 5K and/or gym
Saturday: LSD 16K (we won't be in town Sunday morning so my instructor generously offered to meet me for the long run on Saturday)
Sunday: rest

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