Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Accountability

Last week:

Monday: planned rest / check!
Tuesday: planned 5 or 6 KM with clinic / check! (6)
Wednesday: planned 9+KM with 6 hills / check!
Thursday: planned gym / check! (5K treadmill + weights)
Friday: planned 5K and/or gym / nope... lazy day
Saturday: planned LSD 16K / check! actually.. 16.82!
Sunday: planned rest / check!
Week total: 36.82 KM

Plan for this week:

Monday: 7.5K
Tuesday: 6K with clinic
Wednesday: 10K including 7 hills (eek!)
Thursday: gym (X-train)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 16K LSD (running Saturday again with the same ladies from my clinic...Sunday sleep-ins are nice!)
Sunday: 7.5K
Week total: 47 KM ... wowzers, that's a lot. Will probably make adjustments.


Sarah said...

Work it baby!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of distance!
Good job. And, I'll be in