Friday, November 24, 2006

Bagel Day


As I mentioned last Friday, it's Bagel Day at work. The kitchen was full of gigantic kosher bagels in all their doughy goodness, but I resisted the temptation for the second Friday in a row! I'm getting good at that!

Oh, I have a minor confession. I ate two sugar-free fudgsicles last night. Bad me! But I still think I did okay, considering it wad day one of (sorry for the TMI) my period.

Went to the gym again last night, which makes three times this week and Saturday will be the fourth. Yay!

Today's Meals:

B: take a wild guess! SBD quiche cups, tomato & cucumber slices
S: cheesestring, green tea
L: garden salad w/ almond slivers and Renée's ranch
S: chopped feta and baby tomatoes
D: feta chicken (recipe posted Wednesday) because it was so good I can't wait any longer to have it again + whatever vegetables I can find in the fridge to roast or steam.
D: sugar-free fudgsicle (only one, I promise!)

We need to get grocieries tonight. The fridge is almost bare! I can't believe I went through that many vegetables in a week and a day!

On an un-SBD-related note, it seems that our friend Sarah will be having her baby any day now! (at least, we hope so) And it's about damn time! (just kidding) We can't wait to meet the little one! Here's hoping for a smooth (and quick!) delivery!

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Cheryl said...

Holy cow, where have I been! I missed so many posts... looks like you're doing great!

Don't feel too bad about the 2 fudgsicles thing, just try not to do that often. They used to say on the other SBD website I was on - aim for 90/10 - 90% SB and 10% other. As long as you're good most of the time, you'll still see results.

And for another crunchy snack you could try cheese crisps - take a sheet of parchment paper. Either make little piles of parmesan, or cut small, thin squares of your choice of low fat cheese. Microwave until they melt and start to bubble around the edges. They get crispy and are sort of like chips... okay not really like chips but still good! You can pretend that they're chips and dip them in hummus or another SB friendly dip. And don't despair, soon enough you can eat triscuits - the thin triangular ones really ARE like chips.