Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 14

Well, I weighed 182 this morning. Stupid scale. I hope it doesn't 'accidentally' get thrown off the truck during the move... Seriously, though, I need to stop pathologically weighing myself. I'm going to try to weigh myself once a week in Phase 2. I haven't made it to the gym since Thursday so I'm sure that's why I have not lost any more. I'll get my butt back in gear next week!

So Phase 2, it starts TOMORROW!!

I don't know what the next couple days are going to be like with the move, but I probably won't get to the grocery store which means I probably won't have any fruit! I may end up on P1 for an extra couple days til we settle in to the new apartment.

Our kitchen is all packed up so tonight we are eating out. I'm thinking Quizno's - their salads look good. I just have to check the sugar content in the dressings. (It is going to be so hard not ordering a big, juice mesquite chicken sub!) Other than that, today's menu is pretty much the same as yesterday's, with an added cheesestring and turkey slices with my lunch salad.

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Anonymous said...

I had to stop pathologically weighing myself too... lol... it's SO HARD!!! But your weight fluctuates a lot during the day and from day to day so I think a more accurate representation of what you've lost is week to week loss.

Way to go girl! Keep it up