Saturday, January 13, 2007

11 days

So apparently it takes 11 days to undo 11 days of damage! As of this morning, I am back to my pre-Christmas weight of 176! WOOHOO! I pigged out for 11 days and then followed SB P1 for 11 days (minus Binge Wednesday) and I am back where I started around Dec. 22. Not bad.

This morning I ran 35 minutes, 5 minutes longer than I have so far. I kept my pace at an average of 5.5 mph instead of 6 because I hadn't been to the gym since Tuesday and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. Surprisingly, I had a little juice in me at the end of 30 minutes, so I pushed for another 5. According to the treadmill, I burned 520 calories.

Following up on the issue, I decided to experiment and added three servings of whole grains and two fruits to my meal plans for the past few days. It landed me right on track with the carb-fat-protein ratios and just the right number of calories (around 1300). As I've mentioned, I have to add them gradually, so for next week (Phase 2 starts Tuesday) I am adding cereal for breakfast and a pear in the afternoon. Baby steps!


Sarah said...

Go Marlene Go Marlene Go Go Go Marlene!

Anonymous said...

Marlene - I have to say how much I admire your dedication to running, I wish I could be so motivated! You're doing great and only a few more days until P2 thank goodness!