Tuesday, January 09, 2007

finally half way through Phase 1 (again)

I am getting really bored of this food. Dinner is fine (great, even), but I don't know how many more of these breakfast quiches I can stomach. And the same old snacks are really not doing it for me anymore. :( I think I'm finding it harder this time around because by the time I reach Phase 2, I will have essentially spent 4 weeks out of 2 months with no fruits or grains. Last time, I was like it's only two weeks, no problem! But this time, I'm like didn't I just do this?! Blech. But I digress. Afterall, I did this to myself. I totally let loose over the holidays so now I am paying for it. I didn't necessarily have to start all over again in P1 (actually, it is not recommended) but I wanted to be rid of the extra poundage ASAP. I'm almost back where I started before Christmas. Phew!

Phase 2 doesn't start until next Tuesday so I have to hang in there for another week. I can do it!

I'm running tonight, but I have to try to go right after work. Normally, I would eat dinner and then head to the gym, but I seem to get a cramp if I run less than two and a half hours after eating or drinking, so dinner will have to wait until after. I'm usually famished by 5, so this will be interesting.

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