Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well, we checked out GoodLife Fitness yesterday. It was pretty nice, but a little too quiet for me, as strange as that sounds. Although, I hear there was almost a fist fight a few hours before I got there! Now THAT would have been fun to see! Anyway, the machines are the same as Fitness Clubs and the only major difference is that it's all women, and not just skinny ones. Unfortunately, a gym membership is not in the budget this year with our first house closing in December. I'll be hitting the pavement - literally - once my current membership expires in the Spring.

Another thing about GoodLife - it's in the GROCERY STORE. It must be almost impossible to leave without buying something! I went for a 500mL chocolate milk yesterday, which turned out to be dinner. I know, not the most balanced meal, but it sure did hit the spot! I'll try to eat an actual meal after the gym tonight.

So I ran 3 miles last night and I'm running another 3 tonight. Off to a good start this week! Oh, and I was already back to 175 this morning so woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you with the running. Running seems to be the only thing at the gym that even holds my interest since (I hate the gym). But anyways...running kicks my butt. I guess I just have to work into it but about 5 min. in I get a nasty stitch in my side. Ow! It gets a little easier the more I practice so hopefully soon I'll be up to 3 miles!!
P.S. I'm a WB Gal....