Thursday, January 18, 2007

turning over (another) new leaf...

Aunt Flo is officially in town and IT SUCKS. I feel fat and disgusting and I wish my husband was not flying to England tonight because he usually takes care of me and makes me feel less fat and disgusting. But I'll live. At least I can look forward to the chocolate that he's going to bring back on Tuesday, even if I can only have a little.


I have a new plan for next week. I will continue following South Beach Phase 2 (adding even more grains & fruit! yay!) but as I mentioned yesterday, I am also following the rules established for me by Sparkpeople, which are as follows:

1370-1720 calories / day
254-280 g carbs / day
30-67 g fat / day
34 - 150 g protein / day

55% carbs - 30% fat - 15% protein

There are a couple reasons that I have decided to follow guidelines outside of those offered by the SBD: (a) When I started using Sparkpeople, I realized that I'm having too much fat - too much cheese and too many nuts (peanut butter), probably compensating for the lack of sweets. (b) In order to keep up my running program, I need more carbs, plain and simple.

I'm also getting sick of eating the same foods all the time (primarily lunch and snacks), so I'm trying to come up with some new ideas for next week. I'm definitely going to cut back on the cheese and switch back to Natural Peanut Butter so I am not tempted to eat it by the spoonful. (I don't actually enjoy Natural PB except in my dessert. We ran out last week and the grocery store didn't have any Natural, so we bought the regular stuff and it is just too yummy.)

I'm heading to the gym tonight for Week 1, Day 2 of my Run 10K program. It's 3 miles tonight. Hopefully I will kick Aunt Flo's ass with a good workout.

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