Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did somebody say SHOPPING?!

What was I saying about the weather yesterday? Because today it's freakin' HOT! I was out in capris and a tank top and felt over-dressed. Probably didn't help that it was high noon (impromptu lunch run!), but dang! I forgot what it was like to be hot while running. Don't get me wrong... I am NOT complaining! It's a beautiful day and I'm loving it. Just have to bring water next time because I was parched after 10 minutes.

Everyone has been looking at me like What happened to you? since I came back. Disheveled hair, red face... I am not a pretty runner. But how many people at my office can say they ran 5K at lunch? :)

Anyway, a new spring/summer wardrobe is in order. My stuff from last year is all too big (yay!) and I don't want my bottoms falling down while I run around town. ;)

My wish list looks something like this:

Racer fit shorts

Racer capris

Racer tank

Sport cap sleeve top

That's a good start, anyway.


Christy said...

Lets see we are supposed to get snow on Friday, and then it will be -2 on saturday :( Normally conditions that would result in my not running, however I have made plans with a friend. So rain or shine it looks like we are going.

Enjoy that heat for me.

Oh, and I am NOT a pretty runner either.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i love lunch time runs. i'm fortunate to have a gym and an amazing trail system right behind my office, but i'm so limited on time, that i'd prefer to run when i don't have to rush back, and squeeze in a shower, plus i hate showering in public places. i can't wait for july when i start working from home!!! will either try to get into the habit of morning runs... or at lunch i'll have more time, and can shower in MY shower :)

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Im enjoying the heat.
But make sure your careful.

Carry water with you, run a route where you can stop to get water if need be, let people know where your running and make sure you are well hydrated when you run. Sunscreen is also important (don't want wrinkles,right:P) and make sure you are replacing the electrolites you loose from sweat (either salt tabs or gatorade, gels don't really do it). I also suggest bringing 50cents for a payphone, a credit card for a cab just incase and maybe 5$ for water.

I know it sounds excessive, but I've experienced heat stroke in the past and its a really scary experience, so now I'm super prepared!

Enjoy the warm weather! Great job for running at LUNCH!